Success Stories
Success Stories

The light of wisdom

Being a blind girl, it was difficult for me to achieve my career in technical learning, but after joining the training program organized by one of the blind social centers, I became good at using computers through software's, until I became a coach at the association.

As you sow, you will reap

I was facing difficulties because I had little knowledge of the basics of using computers. After time, I enrolled in a program for an association that provides computers through charitable training centers that I helped to establish, where I received educational courses through which I managed to be good at several programs to become a volunteer trainer to teach the association’s beneficiaries. This is the beginning of my activity in training through the use of compute.
Majed Al-Mutairi


I had unfamiliarity with computer programs. This resulted in me being unemployed. My financial circumstances were an obstacle for me to obtain computer learning courses. Then, I found out that some nonprofit organizations provide a solution through training laboratories for the needy who provide them with services. After participating in the programs of these laboratories, I gained an opportunity and now am working.

Overcoming Difficulties

I was facing a problem in using computers at my university studies and in managing my simple food selling project, which helps me in some financial difficulties in my family. The traditional way of management and marketing did not give a good return. After looking for a solution, I participated in a program for one of the charitable societies that contribute to providing centers for computer education and its uses as I was provided with a personal device that enabled me to manage my project and achieve good profits. In addition, it helped me in my social studies.

Ertiqa Ambassador

My volunteer experience reflected on me positively by investing free time, taking responsibility, acquiring knowledge and developing my personal growth.
Volunteer / Abdulaziiz Al-Aqeel